U.S. Congressman Dan Webster | 11th District of Florida

Constituent Services

Our mission is to steadfastly serve Central Floridians and provide our community with respected and principled representation. We pledge to provide first-rate constituent service and to produce sound public policy to best serve Central Florida’s taxpayers. Creating jobs, protecting seniors, stopping the spigot of spending, and transforming the flawed process in Washington are our top priorities; inspiring others to unify in the effort is the broader goal.

I hope all the information in this section will be helpful whether you need help with a federal agency, would like to order a flag, are requesting tours and tickets for a visit to Washington DC, or are considering applying to a military academy. If you ever need assistance, contact our office at one of the numbers below.

On a personal note, I am honored to serve the citizens of Central Florida as your Representative in the United States House of Representatives.

What Constituents Are Saying:

“I want to thank Congressman Webster for his assistance with my Medicare situation. To me this situation speaks to a Representative in Congress who just doesn’t talk about issue; he helps resolve them. You have been a great source of help in a time of need.” - Orlando Resident

"Congressman Daniel Webster, I can't thank you enough for the help that you extended to me. I appreciate it very much. You deserve your position as a public servant who truly serves his people. More power and have a wonderful day.” - Winter Park Resident

“Congressman Webster, I want to thank you so much for helping me. I really feel that I would have lost the house if you had not inquired on my behalf. Thank you . I appreciate all you do for the best interest of the public. I will always be grateful for your help.” Silver Springs Resident

“Just to share that we received our green cards today. We want thank you so much for all you've done for us and help us through this process. It was you that made it happen and we are very grateful for that. We are very happy and excited. This makes so much difference for us and opens door for opportunity for us. We went yesterday and got our drivers licenses with the letter of confirmation from U.S. Customs and Immigration Service. We are so happy that we can call this beautiful land our home.” - Orlando Resident

“I received my passport this morning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen. I am so happy. Thank you for your quick turn around on this matter. I could not have done it without your help that is for sure. God bless you and thanks again.” - Orlando Resident

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