U.S. Congressman Dan Webster | 11th District of Florida

Protecting and Preserving Medicare

I have listened to seniors in Central Florida and have heard your concerns about Medicare. I supported a budget plan that would ease those concerns by protecting and preserving Medicare, while transforming the culture of spending in Washington. This responsible, long-term plan will save Medicare while keeping your taxes low and reducing government spending.

The simple truth is this: if you are over the age of 54, your Medicare benefits will remain the same under this plan – they will not change in any way.

Also, the plan proposed NO changes to Social Security.

Washington’s wasteful and short-sighted spending habits have placed Americans in danger by jeopardizing many critical programs. The federal government has failed to spend within its means and is currently borrowing more than $4 billion each day.

I’m a senior citizen and a grandfather to seven wonderful grandchildren. I do not want to leave my grandchildren with a country swimming in debt. Together, we have a vested interest in getting our nation on sound financial footing by transforming spending in Washington and ensuring Medicare is protected and preserved.

This is not a choice between two generations. This is a choice between two futures for our country. It is time for us to work together to ensure that the promises made to seniors are kept, and that America’s young people have a secure and bright future.

You deserve to hear directly from me because you have the right to hear the truth about America’s budget, and to know that your representative will collaborate with individuals, on both sides of the aisle, to protect your Medicare benefits.

We can make our country a better place and preserve the American Dream for many generations.

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