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Webster Statement on The Path to Prosperity

Protecting Medicare, Reforming the Tax Code, Renewing America’s Future

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Washington, March 20, 2012 | comments
U.S. Representative Daniel Webster (FL-08) issued the following statement on Representative Paul Ryan’s Path to Prosperity:

“The continuation of reckless Washington spending habits and more tax and spend policies is a plan for national failure. Representative Paul Ryan’s The Path to Prosperity Plan puts an end to empty government promises and to a bankrupt future.

“This plan provides much needed certainty to Central Florida’s individuals, families, and small businesses by significantly reducing federal spending and reforming and simplifying the tax code. The bipartisan Medicare portion of the plan strengthens the program for seniors, making no changes for individuals who are 55 and older, and providing those under 55 an opportunity to stay in the traditional Medicare program or receive a menu of healthcare plan options like Members of Congress currently do that will also protect their futures.

“My family worked hard and left me a secure America. We have an obligation to leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren that doesn’t mortgage away their future. The Path to Prosperity is not about politics, it’s about real solutions that spur job growth by cutting federal spending and injecting accountability into a government system that has been plagued with power and not exercised with principle. It’s time lawmakers do what is right for Americans and not their next election. The Path to Prosperity is a clear choice for a better America,”
said Representative Webster.

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