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Action through Collaboration

Three years ago to the week, the President passed his so-called “stimulus” plan that carried a hefty trillion dollar price tag, including interest, with the promise to save or create 3.5 million jobs. While the promise of jobs certainly hasn’t been kept, hardworking Americans continue to pay for the lavish sticker price. What have we received in return since its passage? The loss of 1.1 million jobs, a debt increase of nearly $5 trillion, and a poverty level at an all-time high. Some other figures for thought:

  • For 36 straight months, the unemployment rate has been above 8 percent – a level the Administration promised would not be reached with passage of the stimulus.
  • In 2007, the U.S. ranked 3rd in the world for the ease of starting a small business. Today, we have dropped significantly to 13th.
  • Median household incomes dropped by 6.4% since 2007. $3,378 is the amount the average median household income dropped in 2010.

While these numbers paint a grim picture, I strongly believe we can revitalize America’s economy and restore financial freedom to families and individuals. But, we need a new direction; one that doesn’t bank on failed tax-and-spend policies. At Webster.house.gov/jobs, you’ll find principles that give investor’s faith in our nation’s solvency and initiatives that encourage businesses – large and small – to thrive and expand, ultimately putting Floridians back to work.

In order to turn this economy around, lawmakers must put their differences aside, without compromising their principles, to collaborate on common-sense pro-growth initiatives. Included in my jobs plan are some of the nearly 30 jobs bills that the House has sent over to the Senate that still await action through collaboration. These proposals encourage entrepreneurship and growth, simplify our tax code, increase American energy production, and remove costly bureaucratic red-tape. Proposals like these should be bi-partisan and are at least worthy of Senate consideration, instead of the Senate snub they currently receive.

Without debate, we do not have collaboration, and without collaboration, we have a stalemate. Isn’t it time the White House and Senate come to the table to consider these job creation measures? Let me know what you think in the side bar survey.

We saw this week one successful collaboration that resulted in a full-year extension of the payroll tax holiday. You’ll remember that back in December, I was frustrated at the uncertainty a short two-month extension would mean for families and small business owners. After months of deliberation, both parties came to the table for a discussion and have agreed on a package that adds up to a full year extension of the payroll tax holiday. This means 160 million hardworking Americans will save up to $2202 more in 2012.

The time is now to continue to collaborate and turn this economy around.

Your servant,
Daniel Webster
Member of Congress


We Can't Wait for Jobs

Do you think the White House and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should consider the 28 job-creation initiatives that have been sent to them by the House?

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