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 My office can arrange tours of several popular sites in Washington, D.C., for residents of Florida's 10th District. Please keep in mind that while tickets are free, admittance is determined by the individual tour site or agency, not by the Congressional office. Unless specified, tours are available Monday through Friday. These tours are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, and the summer months are the peak tourist season. 
If my office is unable to secure a congressional tour for the sites you selected, all locations (except the White House) are available for public tours. Please visit here for information about public tour information for many of the sites in Washington D.C.
Due to heightened security, tour requests for the White House and The Bureau of Engraving and Printing should be made at least 3 months in advance. These tours are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is VERY limited and there is NO guarantee that you will receive tickets. We typically do not hear back from the White House regarding the status of your request until one to two weeks before your requested tour date(s).

Inauguration 2017
Both the swearing-in and inaugural address are ticketed events. Due to the anticipated high volume of requests, and because only a limited number of tickets are made available to the office your request is not guaranteed. Please note, you must be a constituent to submit a request. Tickets will be disbursed through a lottery based on requests received. Ticket recipients will be notified via email – we anticipate this will happen around the first of the year.  

There are additional events, such as the Inaugural Parade, that do not require tickets. For a list of the day's events and inaugural history, visit www.senate.inaugural.gov.

 Please select the tours you are interested in: 
*White House tickets are extremely limited on a first-come, first-served basis, and the White House requires at least three weeks advance notice to be considered.
 Supreme Court (groups of 6 or less)              US Capitol Building
 The White House (Tues-Sat)*                       Library of Congress 
 Bureau of Printing & Engraving                   2017 Inauguration Ceremony

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Note: On Sept. 4, 2009, President Obama announced that visitor access records to the White House will be released to the public 90-120 days after a visit. Your full name and
the date of your tour will be part of the public record that is released. Your date of birth, Social Security number and all other private information will not be released.
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Due to the way Congressional tours are processed in Washington D.C., please only list dates you are available from 7:00 am EST to 5:00 pm EST
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