Dear Friends:

As I traveled around our District over the summer work period, I had the privilege of meeting and hearing directly from hundreds of you who freely shared your thoughts and comments with me. Over and over, the main issue I heard was your concern about Obamacare.


Everywhere I went, business leaders told me they could not afford health insurance for their employees and it would be necessary to cut back on their hours. Doctors and other health care providers discussed the strain it was placing on their ability to deliver care; and concerned citizens expressed outrage that they were being forced to share private information and sign up for a product they did not want, while the politically connected were given special exemptions from the law by Washington.


I heard your concerns. Well before the deadline, the House of Representatives passed a Continuing Resolution that mirrored what I had heard from you: an appropriations measure that kept the government open, while defunding Obamacare. Nearly a week later, the Senate rejected this measure and three others that fully funded the government, and refused to accept anything other than the status quo.  They even rejected a measure I supported to have representatives from the House and Senate just sit down at a table to talk this out.


As of today, I have voted 21 times to advance bills that either keep the government completely open or that minimize the harmful effects of a partial government shutdown on Central Florida. I have voted for targeted appropriations measures to keep our troops paid, to keep our veterans cared for, and to keep other critical services up and running. Unfortunately, the Senate and President have repeatedly refused to even negotiate a path forward.


All we are asking is to ensure that Congress receives the same treatment as each one of you. Our measure makes certain that Congress and the President are under Obamacare and calls for a one-year delay of the individual mandate. Is that too much to ask of the Senate and President?


I appreciate all those who have called the office to let me know your thoughts about our current situation. I don’t like the federal government’s partial shutdown any more than you do. Please continue to let me know your thoughts. I will continue working on your behalf to break through Washington’s dysfunction, and I remain committed to finding a solution.

Your servant, 
Daniel Webster
Member of Congress