U.S. Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) issued the following statement concerning the impact today’s jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has on Central Florida which showed the unemployment rate decreasing to 7.7%, new jobs increasing by 146,000, labor force participation falling to 63.6%, and the number of people not in the labor force growing by 542,000.

“The unemployment rate appears better for all the wrong reasons. The high rate of unemployment that continues to plague our nation is a direct cause of the failed policies and politics of Washington. While the creation of 146,000 jobs is welcome, it is a job creation rate that struggles to keep necessary pace with our population growth. Our problems are further highlighted by an additional 540,000 people who are not in the workforce. Economic growth requires job growth. Our nation’s economy will not recover unless lawmakers work together on solutions that spur economic growth and encourage businesses to hire.

“The mixed signals of the past few months of unemployment numbers reveal a sluggish recovery that is in serious jeopardy of falling back into another recession. No matter what category you put people in, there are simply too many of them not working. The best gift that Washington could give unemployed Americans this season is the certainty of what our nation’s job creators will face in next year’s economy. This means ending the brinksmanship surrounding the looming fiscal cliff, and committing to addressing Washington’s unsustainable debt that continues to put the next generation at risk. It’s time the President quit campaigning and join the House and Senate to work toward a compromise on solutions for the betterment of all Americans by developing a plan that will create jobs and bolster our nation’s economic recovery,”
stated Webster.