Today, the House of Representatives unanimously supported passage of an amendment to H.R. 2641, the Responsibly and Professionally Invigorating Development (RAPID) Act of 2013, offered by Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10). Webster’s amendment would streamline the permitting process for several critical infrastructure projects that have been stalled around our state – in some cases for upwards of 17 years. These infrastructure projects, such as deepening the channel at Port Everglades, hold enormous potential for job creation and economic growth in Central Florida. See his full remarks on the House floor below: 

                                                      Watch Representative Webster’s Full Remarks on the House Floor

Background on RAPID Act:
          • RAPID Act establishes a more streamlined and transparent Federal permitting process for construction projects to avoid waste and duplication of effort among bureaucratic agencies.
          • RAPID Act sets an 18-month maximum deadline for an Environmental Assessment, and a 36-month maximum deadline for an Environmental Impact Statement.
          • Webster Amendment holds federal agencies accountable for timely completion of long-delayed environmental reviews and environmental decision-making processes currently underway by requiring their completion within the timelines provided by the RAPID Act for new environmental reviews.