Representative Webster testified before the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight on the Prioritize Spending Act (H.R. 149). Protecting seniors’ earned benefits, paying our troops, and securing the full faith and credit of the United States are the first priorities of our nation. Given Washington’s inability to make responsible choices to safeguard these priorities, Representative Webster introduced the Prioritize Spending Act (H.R. 149), which guarantees that we prevent default by prioritizing our spending to honor our debts, pay our troops and keep our promises to seniors by ensuring Social Security and Medicare benefits continue uninterrupted. This legislation also paves the way for an open and honest discussion about our nation’s borrowing and spending without interference from the empty rhetoric that often accompanies the politics of fear.

Read answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Prioritize Spending Act by clicking here. Read the Prioritize Spending Act by clicking here.

The National Taxpayers Union, Independent Women’s Voice and the 60 Plus Association have all endorsed Representative Webster’s Prioritize Spending Act. Read what they’re saying about the Prioritize Spending Act:

“[The Prioritize Spending Act] provides an important reminder that the federal government needs to work within a similarly realistic framework for budgetary matters now, not just when things come down to the wire.” – National Taxpayers Union

“Americans need to be assured that our troops, our national security programs, and the vital programs that serve our senior citizens will have priority and will not be put in jeopardy.” – Independent Women’s Voice

“On behalf of more than seven million seniors citizen activists, the 60 Plus Association thanks [Representative Webster] for [his] outstanding leadership in introducing the Prioritize Spending Act.” – 60 Plus Association