U.S. Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) issued the following statement concerning President Obama’s remarks calling for pursuing gun control through unilateral executive action.

“As a father of six and a grandfather of eight, I can only imagine the great pain of the parents and families who tragically lost loved ones in last month’s heinous acts of violence in Newtown, Connecticut. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of the victims. Tragedies like these, however, should never be used as an excuse to call for or take unilateral actions curtailing our basic freedoms. These actions not only fail to honor the memory of the victims, but also fail to provide actual safeguards against future tragedies.

“Safe and responsible gun ownership is part of our Constitution and has greatly contributed to individual and public safety. To attack law-abiding gun owners is a superficial and unconstitutional approach to addressing the tragedies of mass shootings in our nation.

“I will carefully review any legislative proposals on gun control submitted to the House of Representatives and closely follow the President’s executive actions, but the Constitution explicitly protects the individual right to bear arms, and no President may act alone to amend or curtail this right. During the time I have been privileged to serve in elected office, I have voted and will continue to vote to defend the constitutional right to keep and bear arms that is protected by the Second Amendment,”
stated Webster.