Winter Garden, Jan. 29 - For the second consecutive year, U.S. Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) announced that savings from his office budget will be returned to taxpayers for the purpose of reducing our deficit and debt. Upon his announcement that he was able to cut his office budget by more than 25 percent and return $360,000 to hard working taxpayers, U.S. Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) released the following statement:

“Voluntarily cutting my office budget reflects the common-sense fiscal responsibility that Central Floridians exercise each day to meet their household or business budget.

“Washington’s mountain of debt is stifling our economic recovery and placing an unfair burden on the next generation. I learned as a father of six children and a small business owner how to live within my means by prioritizing my spending and doing more with less during tough times. Washington needs to embrace the same approach by spending less rather than simply borrowing more, and I believe that starts with me,”
said Representative Webster.

The Legislative Appropriations bill each year appropriates a lump sum designated for Members’ Representational Allowances. Today, Webster announced he is returning $360,000 from his Congressional Office Budget for 2012 bringing the total amount returned from his office budget in two years to $842,000.

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