Border Security

On May 11, 2023, with my support, U.S. House Republicans passed a comprehensive border security bill. The first step to immigration reform must be securing our borders and this bill does that. We are fulfilling our commitment to Americans to deliver a nation that’s safe.

I've been to the Southern Border in Eagle Pass, Texas, and seen the crisis firsthand. I've heard directly from our Border Patrol, local landowners, and officials on how President Biden’s failed policies have perpetuated the crisis at our Southern Border.

I continue to push the U.S. Senate and White House to embrace policies and legislation that secure our borders and sensibly reform our immigration laws.  


While the Biden Administration attempts to downplay the extent of this crisis, I've witnessed the desperate need for policy change. When President Biden took office, he used his executive authority 64 times to intentionally undermine and weaken our border security, including stopping the construction of the southern border wall, ending the successful “Remain in Mexico” policy, and ending Title 42.

In addition to H.R. 2, I have co-introduced and voted to pass several other bills that tackle the Biden Border Crisis. With my support the House passed H.R. 5585, the Agent Raul Gonzalez Officer Safety Act, H.R. 6678, Consequences for Social Security Fraud Act; H.R. 6976, the Protect our Communities from DUIs Act and the Laken Riley Act.

  1. Finish the Wall Act,  which requires President Biden to restart border wall construction and H.R. 2737, the Stop the Invasion Act - both bills passed as part of H.R. 2.
  2. H.R. 5585 makes it a federal offense to evade or flee a U.S. Border Agent or law enforcement official who is assisting or under the command of U.S. Border Patrol. The bill also makes such aliens inadmissible to and removable from the United States and bars such criminal aliens from immigration relief, including asylum.
  3. H.R. 6678 establishes inadmissibility and deportation for illegal immigrants that engage in identity theft or social security fraud.
  4. H.R. 6676 makes driving while under the influence grounds for preventing an illegal immigrant from entering the U.S. or deportation.
  5. The CARTEL Act which would require Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to report if individuals on the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) were released into the interior of the United States along with individuals affiliated with cartel organizations.
  6. H.R. 7511, Laken Riley Act which requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to issue a detainer for illegal aliens who are charged or cited with local theft or burglary.

The U.S. Senate has yet to act on H.R. 2 or any other border security bill that:

  • Forces the Biden Administration to resume construction of the border wall
  • Increases hiring and training of  Border Patrol agents and provides bonus pay
  • Requires transparency regarding illegal crossings from the Department of Homeland Security
  • Strengthens current law to protect unaccompanied children from human trafficking
  • Ends catch and release and reforms the asylum process
  • Ends abuse of executive immigration authority

I have pushed for policies that force the Biden Administration to secure our border to be included in funding negotiations. I will keep advocating for and supporting policies and legislation that secures our borders and sensibly reforms our immigration laws.