My top priority is to put workers in Central Florida back on the job by removing unnecessary government intrusion from your offices and living rooms, and setting our fiscal house in order to protect the opportunities that should await all future generations of Americans.

For too long, Central Floridians have been forced to wait and see if tax-and-spend policies would turn this economy around; these policies clearly have come up short. In order to truly revitalize our economy for long-term sustainability, we must remove roadblocks that business and entrepreneurs face. I’ve heard from constituents across Central Florida with solutions to create jobs and provide families with financial security once again.

Community-Generated Solutions to put Floridians back to work and restore financial security for hardworking families

Principles that restore faith in our country’s direction and solvency;

Policies that encourage the local economy thrive and expand

Principle 1: Tackle Washington’s spending habit
Principle 2: Get government out of the way
Principle 3: Produce capital, certainty, and confidence to get this economy rolling again

Policy ideas:

Say yes to lower gas prices for hardworking families and to new American jobs by responsibly developing proven and secure American energy resources. 

Rein in out-of-control bureaucratic regulations that stifle the ability of small businesses to grow our economy and create jobs, the REINS Act. 

 Encourage small businesses to hire by providing tax relief. 

Strengthen Florida’s housing market and stabilize housing prices by ensuring that potential homebuyers are not frozen out of the market by over-intrusive government regulations stemming from the Dodd-Frank financial bill.

Create homeownership opportunities by encouraging responsible savings toward a down payment on a first home. 

 Simplify and flatten our tax system through comprehensive tax reform.

Safeguard our economy and seniors’ financial security by ensuring the U.S. government prioritize its spending to meet its most important obligations. 

Repeal the senseless 3 percent withholding rule that imposes an unfair burden on small businesses and localities.

Maintain a strong right-to-work workforce.

End budget gimmicks that enable the reckless spending and helped lead to a job-crippling national debt. 

Permanently repeal the death tax.

Repeal and replace the government health care takeover and control cost of health care while increasing quality and choice of care. 

Recover foreign profits and return investment and jobs to our shores. 

Stabilize and strengthen the dollar.