Before visiting a foreign country, you should ensure that all your travel concerns are addressed. The U.S. Department of State provides numerous resources and tools to help you prepare for international travel, including a list of  Tips for Traveling Abroad that may be helpful to you. You can also sign up for the Department of State’s free Smart Traveler Enrollment Program to receive the latest travel updates and information. Further, here are a few of the most common questions the office receives that deal with passports: 

How can I renew my existing passport?

In most situations, if you already have a passport that is not damaged, was issued in the past 15 years, was received after your 16th birthday, and has your same name, you can apply for a passport renewal by mail. 

For more information on renewing your passport, visit the Passport Renewal Page at the U.S. Consular Affairs Web Site.

I can't wait for the normal six week processing time for my application. Can I request expedited processing? 

Yes, the Winter Garden office is happy to help you with this matter. This process usually requires two weeks. 

For more information on expediting processing, visit the Expedited Service Page at the U.S. Consular Affairs Web Site.

If you would like my help with passport issue, please print out the Authorization Form and email or fax it to 352-241-9220.

Where can I apply for a passport?

To find the nearest location to apply for a passport you can visit the Passport Acceptance Facility Search Page.

Do I need to apply in person?

You must apply in person at an approved Passport Acceptance Facility if: 
• You are applying for your first U.S. passport
• You are under age 16
• Your previous U.S. passport was issued when you were under age 16
• Your previous U.S. passport was lost, stolen, or damaged
• Your previous U.S. passport was issued more than 15 years ago
• Your name has changed since your U.S. passport was issued and you are unable to legally document your name change

For more information on applying for your first U.S. passport, please visit the Department of State’s website here

Can I check the status of my application online?

The status of your application should be available online 5-7 days after applying.