Press Releases

U.S. Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) today issued the following statement after voting no on the Senate Amendment to H.R. 8, which fails to begin to solve the true fiscal problems facing our nation:

"In August, I supported, and the House of Representatives passed H.R. 8 with strong bipartisan support, a bill that kept taxes low on all hardworking families, individuals and small business owners. Now, five months later, the Senate finally at the latest possible hour, took up H.R. 8 as Americans were on the brink of the largest tax increase in U.S. history. However, instead of simply averting the fiscal cliff, the last minute backroom deal that was passed in the dead of night was loaded with new spending. The plan that passed today increases our deficits over the next ten years by four trillion dollars; uses smoke and mirror accounting gimmicks to claim spending cuts that do not exist; extends unemployment compensation for the eleventh time without paying for it; continues many of the President's wasteful stimulus spending programs for another five years and in some cases permanently; and increases taxes on small business owners who can least afford it. This tax hike will force many job creators to lay off workers thereby dealing a body blow to our fragile economy.

“This is not the solution America needs. This is simply Washington doing what Washington does best—maintaining the status quo.

“Passage of this bill does not solve the true fiscal cliff that we face. Americans need and deserve a bolder plan that addresses the real drivers of our debt, which are crippling the next generation. Forcing higher taxes on Americans, while not seriously tackling Washington’s runaway spending, will not turn our economy around, create jobs or solve our debt crisis. It also does not represent the balanced approach promised by President Obama to the American people. A balanced approach, and a balanced budget, is necessary and overdue. Though I am disappointed that this deal fails the American people, I remain hopeful that people of good faith in both parties can lay aside partisan politics and truly begin to work to reform our spending and to set America on a path toward economic growth and financial stability to the benefit of all Americans,"
said Webster.