Press Releases

U.S. Representative Webster issued the following statement upon passage of the House Republicans Fiscal Year 2014 budget, The Path to Prosperity: A Responsible Balanced Budget, which balances the budget in 10 years.

“Today, with my support, the House passed a proposal that balances the budget in ten years, while protecting priorities like Medicare and our national defense, repairing our nation’s failing safety net for the poor, reforming the tax code, paving the way for job creation, and providing financial security to hardworking Americans.

“After four years of inaction, Senate Democrats will attempt to pass a budget of their own that never balances - ever. Their budget continues Obamacare’s raid on Medicare, continues spending money we do not have, and raises job killing taxes on America.

“The simple truth is this: Washington has a real spending problem and has proven time and time again that it cannot support a plan that balances the budget. House Republicans plan to balance the budget is a genuine solution to get spending under control, protect seniors and our military, and put us on the road to job creation and economic growth.

“It’s not right to take more from hardworking taxpayers to spend more in Washington. The American people deserve a balanced budget,”
said Webster.