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House Adopts Webster Amendment to Close Costly Regulatory Loopholes

Hardworking taxpayers deserve a say in policy changes that impact their jobs and their pocketbooks

August 2, 2013

Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) issued the following statement upon the House vote to adopt his amendment to the REINS Act, which closed a regulatory loophole:

“Hardworking taxpayers deserve a choice and a voice through their elected representatives in all major policy changes that impact their jobs and their pocketbooks.

“Yet the current administration actively circumvents congressional oversight laws put in place to protect citizens by issuing general statements of policy known as ‘guidance documents.’ My amendment closes this guidance document loophole, expanding the definition of a rule to include guidance documents that cost our economy more than $100 million annually and make it harder for job-creating small businesses to hire new workers.

“By requiring a vote in Congress on all substantial agency rules, the REINS Act results in more clearly written legislation, an improved regulatory process, and a federal government more accountable to the American people,”
said Representative Webster.

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