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Democrats Choose Washington Takeovers Over Hardworking Americans

Washington, D.C. – Florida Congressman Daniel Webster, R-Clermont, released the following statement on House Democrat’s H.R. 4, which would give federal government control over state and local governments’ election process.

“At every turn, House Democrats are doubling down on their decision to play politics over tackle the issues most important to hardworking Americans.  Instead of bringing up USMCA for a vote or announcing legislation that invests in our infrastructure, Speaker Pelosi instead held a vote on legislation that is another D.C. attempt to take over elections that are the responsibility of our states. 

“Contrary to their explanations, this bill does not reauthorize the Voting Rights Act nor protect Americans from voter discrimination based on race or gender. It does not empower states to ensure our election systems are secure against cyber or other attacks.  This is a power grab that would allow federal bureaucracies to manipulate voting rules for partisan political advantages.”