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Webster Statement on Vote to Remove Rep. Taylor Greene from Her Committees

Washington, DC - Congressman Daniel Webster released the following statement regarding his vote on House Resolution 72.

"Do I approve of the speech I hear – whether it is pro-socialist and anti-American values, or anti-Semitic language or ridiculous and false conspiracy theories?  Absolutely not. My record is clear. Our discourse as a nation must be based on truth and facts. I believe everyone should be treated with kindness and respect. I do not engage in personal attacks. I don’t even run attack ads on my opponents during election season. 

"Democrats are choosing to pursue a resolution to strip a Republican member of Congress of her committee memberships for comments made while she was a private citizen. Yet, they have categorically refused to hold accountable Democrat colleagues who are serving on committees, including as Chair of a Committee, despite having engaged in anti-Semitic speech or encouraging violence against other public officials. This double standard illustrates that House Resolution 72 is not about holding members of Congress accountable or to a higher standard, it is an act of partisan politics. At a time when emotions are already high, partisan actions like these throw more fuel on the fire and distract from tackling the issues of greatest concern to hardworking Americans."