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Rep. Webster Statement on Senate Gun Control Bill

Washington, DC – Today, Florida Congressman Daniel Webster, R-Clermont, released the following statement ahead of a House vote on S.2938, Senate-approved gun control legislation:

“I am voting against S.2938, the Senate’s gun control bill. While the bill contains good provisions recognizing the underlying mental health issues behind most of these violent attacks, I am concerned that it does more to chip away at law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights than prevent violent crimes. It authorizes spending to incentivize state actions without sufficient guardrails to ensure Americans’ due process rights are protected. I have, and will, continue to work to identify and tackle the root causes of violent crimes, while making sure that such solutions do not infringe upon those lawfully exercising their Constitutional rights.

“In recent years, Florida has improved communication among law enforcement agencies and provided key investments in mental health and school safety. As a result of these actions and federal laws that already exist to harden schools, support mental health care, and require extensive background checks, Florida’s schools, students, and communities have been made safer without eroding the Second Amendment or due process protections.”