There is no greater sacrifice than that made by service members, who are willing to give their lives and health defending the freedoms and beliefs for which America stands. That sacrifice is also shared by their families. Every American that enlists is making the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and it is imperative that our society display the gratification that we all have for the members of our armed services and the sacrifices their families have made by amply supplying for their needs.

If you would like assistance with a military issue, or if you have any questions, please email me or call my district office at (352) 241-9220.

How can I  get a copy of my military records (discharge, medical, etc.)?

Visit the National Archives website for more information. If you are trying to get records from your military service, or that of a family member, you may contact the Minneola office. I will need your written permission to help with this issue. To make that easier, you can print out the Authorization Form, and fax or mail it to the office.

How can I get the medals I was awarded during my service but never received?

If you are owed medals from your service, fill out the Authorization Form and  email, fax, or mail it to my Leesburg office. Once this information is received, we will be back in touch with you regarding any other paperwork that might be required to receive your recognition.

Below are links to the websites of the five service branches of our military.

United States Army 

United States Navy

United States Air Force

United States Marine Corps

United States Coast Guard