Press Releases

Washington, DC - Congressman Daniel Webster, R-Clermont, tonight released the following statement regarding House votes this week. 

"Due to family medical obligations, I am unable to travel to D.C. for tonight and tomorrow’s votes.  Given we are nearly a week from Inauguration Day, it will be nigh impossible for Congress to follow the impeachment trial process as outlined in the Constitution by January 20th and the process will further divide our country. America is hurting and upset. Now is not the time to throw more fuel on a fire. We should focus on bringing to justice those who attacked law enforcement and the U.S. Capitol last week and ensuring a safe Inauguration Day as prescribed in our Constitution.

"We are a country of laws and order, all Americans, regardless of how they feel about the 2020 election results must abide by processes outlined in law and our Constitution and work together to tackle the issues facing our country.

"There are millions of peaceful, hardworking, Americans who love their country, the constitution and the rule of law that voted for President Trump. They do not support the actions of the violent mob on January 6, 2020, nor do those actions represent the America they love and desire to uphold for their children.

"I will continue to speak in support of and propose and advocate for policies that will build a stronger, more prosperous America and empower Americans for generations to achieve success. I continue to pray that each of us would seek to serve others, not ourselves and treat others with kindness and respect. Unkindness and hatred cannot coexist with serving others."