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A Massive Liberal Power Grab

Washington, DC – Today, Speaker Pelosi is bringing up House Democrats number one priority up for a vote – H.R. 1 – their massive power grab that would rig our election system to benefit politicians, federal bureaucrats and special interests over hardworking, taxpaying Americans. 

“Election integrity is a critical component of the American system,” said Rep. Webster. “Yet, this bill is one of the most egregious power grabs I’ve seen as Speaker Pelosi, President Biden and the far-left seek to take over elections that are the responsibility of our states. Riddled with limits on Free Speech, States’ rights and violations of the Separation of Powers, our Founders would be ashamed of the U.S. House of Representatives’ vote on H.R. 1.”

This bill creates new spending mandates by creating a Federal Government ATM that provides taxpayer dollars to help underwrite congressional and presidential races at the expense of hardworking Americans. Further, H.R. 1 politicizes the current bipartisan Federal Election Commission by making it a partisan entity that has power to limit our Constitutional rights

Webster further commented, “Florida has one of the most secure and efficient elections processes in the nation. We don’t need Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden messing it up from their ivory towers in Washington. Instead of promoting election integrity, this bill promotes the interests of Washington politicians and special interest groups. H.R. 1, should more accurately be called the “Elect More Democrats” Act.”


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