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Statement by Congressman Webster on President Trump’s Proposed Plan

Washington, DC - Florida Congressman Daniel Webster (R-Clermont), released the following statement in response to President Trump’s Plan to Reopen the Government and Fund Border Security.

“This is a serious and reasonable offer by President Trump to secure our borders, begin to fix our broken immigration system and fully-reopen the government. Throughout my time in Congress I’ve supported improving border security, building a wall and reforming our immigration system in a way that doesn’t put those who came illegally ahead of individuals who legally immigrated to our country. While there is more work to be done to fix our broken immigration system, the President’s proposal is a good first step forward. It provides certainty for Dreamers and the tools and funding our border patrol have requested.

“If Democrats are honest about fixing our immigration system and securing our borders, they will put aside petty politics and support this proposal.”