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Webster on President Trump’s Skills-based Proposal

Washington, DC – Florida Congressman Daniel Webster, R-Clermont, today released the following statement regarding President Trump’s skills-based immigration proposal.

“President Trump has consistently tried to tackle one of nation’s biggest crises - our broken immigration system and porous borders.  His proposal today would create a skills-based system that would contribute to a healthy American economy. It also includes border trade fees to finance border wall construction, further securing our border. This is pro-America, pro-legal immigrant and pro-worker.

“I look forward to reviewing the President’s proposal in detail. I’ve long advocated for and supported efforts to secure our border and streamline the immigration process. I hope my Democrat colleagues will cease playing politics with this issue.  I believe we can sensibly reform our immigration laws to reflect that we are a nation of laws with compassion for those who seek to escape danger and poverty to breathe America’s promise of liberty.”