Press Releases

(Washington, DC) – Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) issued the following statement after introducing waste cutting legislation, H.R. 5192, To Help Reduce Inefficient Federal Tendencies (THRIFT) Act:

“Fraud, waste, and abuse are often linked together in discussing Washington’s economic woes. Fraud and abuse are both against the law, but waste is often rewarded. Perverse incentives currently exist that strongly encourage federal agencies to spend every dollar they are appropriated. Reversing that incentive by rewarding efficiency will produce savings to the American taxpayer, improved operation of our federal agencies, and ultimately better services for taxpayers.

“In order to curb this practice of rewarding wasteful government spending, I introduced the To Help Reduce Inefficient Federal Tendencies (THRIFT) Act. The THRIFT Act provides a process for federal departments and agencies to evaluate their own spending and to identify measures that will reduce costs and improve efficiency. Public servants know the intricacies of their operations – including where the fat could be trimmed without limiting services – so the THRIFT Act provides them an actual incentive for blowing the whistle on waste.

“Getting our nation’s fiscal house in order starts with a Congress that is willing to cut waste and live within its means. Families make these tough fiscal decisions every day. It is time for Washington to get serious about doing more with less.”

Webster is committed to leading by example in curbing wasteful government practices in Washington. Over the past three years he has returned over one million dollars from his Congressional office budget and voted repeatedly for a balanced budget. Click here for a summary and more details regarding the THRIFT Act.