Press Releases

Washington, D.C. — Florida Congressman Daniel Webster, R-Clermont, voted yesterday to pass H.R. 5961, the No Funds for Iranian Terrorism Act, legislation that requires the President to impose immediate sanctions on any foreign financial institution that engages in a transaction using or involving the $6 billion in Iranian assets held by Qatar.
“As the world’s largest state-sponsor of terrorism, Iran is a proven opponent of U.S. interests, international security, and universal values of liberty,” said Rep. Webster. “This legislation ensures that these funds are frozen, preventing billions of dollars from reaching Iran and being used to support terrorist organization.”
Following the deadly terrorist attacks in Israel on October 7th by Iranian-backed Hamas terrorists, Rep. Webster and his colleagues took several actions to prevent Iran from accessing the $6 billion in funds that were unfrozen by the Biden Administration on September 11, 2023.