Press Releases

U.S. Representative Daniel Webster (FL-08) announced that he saved nearly half a million dollars from his Congressional Office Budget, the Members’ Representational Allowance, to return to hardworking taxpayers and pay down our debt:

“I made a commitment to taxpayers across Central Florida that I would limit spending, shake up the status quo in Washington, and put Floridians back to work. Accountability and leadership is too scarce in our nation’s capital and it’s high time that while we fight to cut wasteful spending, we look to our own offices. I believe it starts with me.

“In my conversations throughout the year at the ‘Stop the Spigot of Spending’ meetings, job-creation tours, and senior center visits, I heard from many Central Floridians about the need to show real respect for hardworking taxpayers. I get it. Today, that principled fiscal leadership to reduce our national debt starts with me. Imagine the impact if departments and agencies throughout Washington find even the smallest ways to save. Just as constituents have to tighten their belts so should Washington.

“As a father to six children and grandfather to seven, my focus is on making sure America’s future generation doesn’t carry the weight of this debt on their backs and aren’t faced with a future of debt, doubt and despair. We must take action now to benefit our next generations through deficit reduction and long-term private sector job creation,”
said Congressman Daniel Webster.

The Legislative Appropriations bill each year appropriates a lump sum designated for Members’ Representational Allowances. Today, Webster announced he is returning $453,000 from his Congressional Office Budget.

For more info on how to cut spending and create jobs, visit Webster.House.Gov.