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Webster & Colleagues Introduce the No Taxpayer Funding for Vaccine Passports Act

Washington, DC -- Today, Congressman Daniel Webster joined Representative Rosendale and others to introduce the “No Taxpayer Funding for Vaccine Passports Act.” This bill would prohibit any federal funds from being used to implement, enforce, or assist in the establishment of a COVID–19 vaccine passport system. The legislation would also prohibit any COVID-19 relief bill funding from going to any state or locality that implements, enforces, or assists in the establishment of a COVID–19 vaccine passport system — putting pressure on state and local governments not to adopt these restrictive systems.

While the Biden Administration has spent the last week trying to walk back widespread reports that they plan on creating a vaccine passport system, states and local governments across our country are proceeding with these plans. This bill would make sure that healthcare choices are made by the individual in consultation with their medical provider, not as a result of strong-arming from government bureaucrats. There are also serious privacy concerns with many of the digital systems being proposed.

“Proposals to require so-called Covid-19 vaccine passports to participate in everyday life would be an unbelievable intrusion on individual health privacy and a limitation on personal freedoms,” said Representative Webster. “This bill protects the privacy and personal freedoms of American citizens to make healthcare decisions.”

“Proposed vaccine passport systems are a gross violation of the rights of every American to make their own personal healthcare choices. These systems are essentially a mandate which force individuals to either be vaccinated against their wishes, or be denied access to the most basic functions in our society,” said Representative Rosendale. “My bill would empower individuals to make their own healthcare choices, and ensure that Americans are not bullied by bureaucrats in Washington, state capitals, or city halls -- like we are unfortunately beginning to see across our country.”

“The American people have the right to make their own decisions about their health. Government mandates should never encroach on our personal freedoms,” said Representative Gooden.

“I am proud to support this legislation that places the interests of freedom, and privacy first. Orwellian rulings, that limit the rights of normal Americans, have no place in this Republic, and every effort must be made to limit the ability of government to interfere in the lives of ordinary citizens,” said Representative Cawthorn.

“Vaccine passports are unconstitutional and have no place in a free society, especially when American taxpayers pay the price. It’s hard to believe that certain states have considered any variation of these passports. We cannot allow the government to control what you can do and where you can go,” said Representative Miller.

“I share the concern of many Americans and Iowans that vaccine passports would infringe on data privacy and basic freedoms. This legislation would rightly ensure that federal tax dollars are not used for vaccine passport systems anywhere in the country,” said Representative Hinson

“Requiring proof of vaccination is a dangerous road to travel.?A vaccine passport is another step toward giving corporations and the government more control of Americans' daily lives. Proud to join my colleagues in protecting taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars from being used to implement, enforce, or assist in the establishment of a COVID–19 vaccine passport system,” said Representative Good.