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Webster: This Is Liberal Pork not COVID Relief

Washington, DC – Today, Florida Congressman Daniel Webster, R-Clermont, released the following statement about tonight’s vote on President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ latest partisan, so-called COVID-19 relief bill.

“On the campaign trail, President Biden promised to pursue unity and bipartisanship, yet he did the opposite with the first major bill his administration has pushed. This so-called COVID-19 relief bill spends less than 9% on combating COVID. House Democrats kept Republicans out of the development process and rejected our proposals that would ensure funds are spent on COVID relief, including my amendment that redirected $9 billion to FEMA as they support vaccine distribution and administration across the country.

“It’s spends trillions of dollars on liberal wish-list items, including $350 billion to bailout failed blue states, $260 billion to pay people not to work through August, taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions, and benefits for illegal immigrants.

“The President and Democrat Leaders are pushing this bill through despite there being approximately $1 trillion in unspent funds from the COVID relief bills passed last year. This is not about helping hardworking Americans who are still suffering because of the pandemic, this about chalking up a win for socialist-liberal ideas.”

Democrats’ “COVID” bill:

  • Doesn’t open schools despite providing $129 billion for schools as 95% of this money is allocated to be spent in years 2022-2028
  • Allocates over $100 million for Pelosi and Schumer’s pet projects: the Silicon Valley Underground Tunnel and Seaway International Bridge to Canada
  • Provides $135 million to the National Endowment of the Arts
  • Spends $86 billion bailout multiemployer pension plans without any reform
  • Provides $35 billion to subsidize ObamaCare premiums
  • Eliminates 1.4 million jobs through their mandated minimum wage hike
  • Allows Planned Parenthood to receive PPP funding


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