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Webster: H.R. 5 Hurts Families, Women & Vulnerable Children

Washington, DC – Florida Congressman Daniel Webster today released the following statement on why he opposes H.R. 5, the so-called ‘Equality Act’, which hurts women and vulnerable children and will end women sports as we know it.

“I believe everyone should be treated with kindness and respect. However, while being called the “Equality Act” this bill does more to jeopardize women and already vulnerable populations in our society. This is the same terrible bill House Democrats pushed through last Congress.

“H.R. 5 is anti-family as it restricts parents from making healthcare and education decisions on behalf of their minor children. It ties the hands of doctors and pressures them to subject children to radical procedures. Further, it strips doctors who have moral or religious objections to performing abortions of their conscience protections. It would close the doors of faith-based adoption centers that place children into loving homes. It erodes fundamental constitutional rights of religious liberty and freedom.

“The bill remakes women sports making competition patently unfair. H.R. 5 forces female teams to accept biological males who verbally identify as women, thereby denying women of their chance at a fair competition. Girls are forced to share bathrooms, locker rooms, showers and sleeping facilities with biological males.”