The Republican Commitment to America

The past two years have been challenging for America. Inflation continues to drive up the cost of living, crime has soared in our cities, and our children indoctrinated in classrooms rather than educated. 
In Washington, President Biden and Congressional Democrats still have no plan to fix the problems that they created. Republicans do. 
My Republican colleagues and I are determined to bring change that is desperately needed get America back on track with:

 An Economy that's Strong

A Nation that's Safe

 A Nation that's Free, and

 A Government that's Accountable

To learn more about the Commitment to America, click here

In the coming days, I'll share the actions I've taken to push this agenda despite being in the minority. Hopefully, next year Republicans will be in majority and thus have control of Congressional calendar and committee agendas to hold bill and oversight hearings that tackle these issues and hold the Biden Administration accountable.

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