A Future that's Built on Freedom

Ensuring our children's and grandchildren’s future is built on the same freedoms we have enjoyed means advocating for policies that:

 Allow every student to succeed and give parents a voice and choice in their child’s education

  • I have worked to ensure that parents had the freedom to choose from all public, private, and home-schooling options that best suit their children.
  • I’m fighting USDOE’s rule that undermines protections Congress specifically included in Title IX.
  • I will hold Attorney General Merrick Garland accountable for targeting parents who spoke out in opposition to school board decisions.

 Empower Americans to achieve longer, healthier lives

  • With Republicans in charge next year, I hope to finally get a hearing on my bill the HEALTH Act,  which will establish a tax deduction for healthcare providers that give pro-bono health services to low-income individuals and families who rely on Medicaid or CHIP.

 Confront Big Tech and Demand Fairness

  • I’ve also introduced legislation with my friend Rep. Posey that would strengthen data privacy requirements as well as legislation that improves Americans’ ability to get the healthcare they need, at a price they can afford, and from the doctor they choose.

Next Congress, if I’m part of the majority party we will conduct rigorous oversight to rein in the government’s abuse of power and corruption, provide real transparency and require the White House to answer for their incompetence at home and abroad. Click here for more information on Republicans' Commitment to A Future That's Built on Freedom.