Press Releases

Washington, D.C. — Today, on National Girls and Women in Sports Day, Florida Congressman Daniel Webster (R-Clermont) along with Rep. Greg Steube and 14 Republican Colleagues to reintroduce the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act. This legislation ensures women and girls have a fair playing field in competitive sports by ensuring that school athletics comply with the Title IX recognition of a person’s reproductive biology and genetics at birth. 
“Allowing biological males to compete against biological women is patently unjust,” said Rep. Webster. “This bill leverages Congress’ Constitutional power of the purse to protect women and girls who have dedicated their lives to physical training and discipline to achieve excellence in their sport. I will continue to stand up for female athletes and oppose biological males from competing against them.”
“Allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports is a complete affront to the hardworking women and girls who have spent their lives training to achieve their dreams. It’s simple: biological males have no place in women’s sports,” said Rep. Steube. “Last Spring, Sarasota’s own, Emma Weyant, was robbed of her NCAA Championship in the 500 Freestyle by a biological male, Lia Thomas. Floridians and Americans across the country are rightly outraged at what has become of women’s sports. We’ve seen time and time again how the far left only favors fairness when it aligns with their woke agenda. That’s why today, I’m pleased reintroduce legislation that ensures women and girls a fair playing field in competitive sports.”
Read the full text of the legislation here