Press Releases


(Washington, DC) – Each year since his election to Congress, Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) has rolled back his salary to the 2008 level. This afternoon, Rep. Webster once again hand delivered a personal check to the U.S. Treasury to help pay down our massive federal debt. After delivering the check, Rep. Webster issued the following statement:  

“Washington needs leaders who mean what they say. If we are serious about getting our fiscal house in order and reforming the process in Washington, it starts with us.

“It’s the principle of the thing. Leadership starts with leading by example. It’s what hardworking families expect of their elected representatives in Washington. If the American people can do more with less, so can we.”

Stay tuned for an announcement later this week about voluntary savings Rep. Webster has made from his Members Representational Allowance (MRA), the taxpayer-funded budget Members are given to run their congressional offices in Washington and in their district.


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