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Webster Stands With Taxpayers

Says NO to Democrats' Reckless Spending

Washington, D.C. — Florida Congressman Daniel Webster, R-Clermont, released the following statement on Democrats’ reconciliation package. 
“I’m voting against President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ big-government spending bill, which does nothing to address the increased cost of gas, groceries and other basic goods Americans buy daily. Instead, this bill will make hardworking Americans of lower and middle incomes pay more in taxes to fund green-new-deal style programs and 87,000 more IRS bureaucrats who will be empowered to harass middle-class taxpayers. 
“I ran for office pledging to do my part to stop the spigot of spending. I’ve supported and introduced legislation that prioritized and reduced spending. However, recent budgets passed by Congress have burst domestic spending caps or ignored them all together. I opposed this style of spending when Republicans were in the majority, and I oppose it today. 
“Our economy is teetering on a recession, and inflation remains at a 40-year high. The bottom line is American’s are hurting financially, out of control spending and far-left policies pushed by Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats have greatly contributed. I am committed to tackling these economic challenges, reducing federal spending, and putting the American people first.”