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Webster: I Will Not Go Back on My Pledge

Washington, DC – Today, Florida Congressman Daniel Webster, R-Clermont, released the following statement on why he voted no on the budget deal, H.R. 3877.

“I will not go back on my pledge to work to stop of spigot of spending. I cannot support a budget that massively expands spending and puts another nail in the coffin of the Budget Control Act of 2011.

“Hardworking taxpayers make tough spending decisions to stay within their budget. They expect their representatives will do the same. I have supported and advocated for investing more in our military and veterans.  With hard work and creativity, we can develop a budget that funds our service men and women, national security, infrastructure and other critical government programs and operations. Instead, Congress has once again embraced the standard Washington presumption that nothing in the budget can be cut in order to fund these priorities without increasing the deficit. 

“For these reasons and more, I cannot support this bill. I pledge to continue to work hard on behalf of Florida’s hardworking taxpayers and families to advance common-sense reforms and principled policy and budgets that get our fiscal house in order.”