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VIDEO: Webster Advocates for Florida Fishermen on House Floor

Washington, DC – Today, Florida Congressman Daniel Webster spoke on the House Floor in opposition to H.R. 737 which would require shark fishermen in the U.S. to discard the fins from legally-and sustainably-harvested sharks once they return to shore.

“H.R. 737 would do nothing to protect sharks from finning. Florida was one of the first states to ban cruel and inhumane shark finning. It is now illegal in the U.S.,” said Rep. Webster, during his floor remarks. “I have introduced H.R. 788, which recognizes the sacrifices American fishermen have made to rebuild and sustain our shark populations. It encourages other nations wishing to export shark products to the United States to adhere to the same high standards for conservation and management.”

H.R. 737 could cause an increased number of unsustainably harvested fins on international markets as demand once filled by U.S. shark fin exports intensifies. It removes the U.S. from the global discussion and ensures that finning will continue unchecked where it is most prevalent today.”

Webster further remarked, “The U.S. plays an important role on the world stage in fishing management and conservation. H.R. 737 would silencing the leading voice in shark conservation. My bill would amplify our voice and ensure no finned shark fins enter the United States.”

Webster’s bill is supported by conservationists and fishermen across the country, including Mote Marine Laboratory, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), Palm Beach Zoo, SeaWorld, Zoo Miami Foundation, Florida Aquarium, Southeastern Fisheries Association, Directed Sustainable Fisheries, Louisiana Shrimpers, and Garden State Seafood.