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Webster Praises EPA WOTUS Repeal

Washington, DC – Florida Congressman Daniel Webster, R-Clermont, issued the following statement praising the repeal of the Obama-era WOTUS rule.

“I applaud President Trump for his administration taking action and repealing the Waters of the United States or WOTUS rule. President Obama’s administration did not have the legal authority to implement this rule in the first place.  It was an unconstitutional move by the previous administration to circumvent Congress.

“Furthermore, the rule expanded the scope of the Clean Water Act to a level of absurdity, as they sought to expand their regulatory authority over ‘navigable waters’ (rivers, great lakes) to include puddles and drainage ditches. I do not support this level of federal regulation as it is not just costly, but also practically impossible to accomplish. I’m glad the EPA is providing clarity and recognizing the state role that Congress intended within the Clean Water Act.”