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Trump Signs Webster’s Small Business Cybersecurity Bill

Washington, DC – Yesterday, President Trump signed S.770, Senate companion to Congressman Webster’s (R-Clermont), H.R. 2105, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Small Business Cybersecurity Act into law. Introduced by Rep. Webster last year, the bill will help small businesses better address their cybersecurity risks to help them survive - and thrive - in the face of such adversity.

“This bill will provide small businesses in my district, state and across the country with the tools they need to meet the threats and challenges of the modern world,” said Rep. Webster. “These small businesses are more susceptible to attacks due to the limited access to the tools they need to prepare for such an event.

The bill directs the NIST Director to disseminate clear and concise resources, which are defined as guidelines, tools, best practices, standards, methodologies, and other ways of providing information. Implementation of the NIST Framework into these small businesses will protect business owners, their employees, and their customer base, all while contributing positively to the economy. 

“As the owner of a multi-generational small business, I know what small businesses can accomplish when equipped and empowered with the right tools,” Webster further commented. “Recently, when my own business was attacked, I experienced the havoc a hacker can cause and the importance of cybersecurity. I thank President Trump for swiftly signing this bill into law.”


Last year, the  House Research and Technology Subcommittee held a hearing titled “Strengthening U.S. Cybersecurity Capabilities.” Witness testimony included a review and discussion of recommendations provided by two recent reports, including the Report on Securing and Growing the Digital Economy, published by the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity in December 2016. The Commission’s report specifically recommends that a presidential administration “develop concrete efforts to support and strengthen the cybersecurity of small and medium-sized businesses.” The report further notes that for some small businesses, “the security of their information, systems, and networks either is not their highest priority or is something they do not have the resources to address.”

Senate Bill 770 also:

  • clarifies that use of the resources by small businesses is voluntary;
  • directs the NIST Director, and heads of Federal agencies that so elect, to make the resources available on their government websites; and
  • specifies that no new funds are authorized to carry out this Act.