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Webster Introduces Bills to End Biden's Energy Ban

Washington, DC - As President Biden's anti-energy policies continue to drive up energy costs and contribute to record-high gas prices, Florida Congressman Daniel Webster, R-Clermont, has co-introduced legislation that forces the Administration to provide critical permitting.

“Energy independence is a national security issue,” said Rep. Daniel Webster. “Under President Trump’s leadership America had achieved this independence, but President Biden’s war on U.S. oil and gas production and transport has contributed to record-high gas prices.”

The Biden Administration disingenuously claims there are thousands of leases that U.S. companies could leverage today to increase oil production. Yet, the Administration has refused to approve permits needed or allow domestic production to meet our needs and the needs of our allies. To reverse these disastrous policies, Rep. Webster has joined his colleagues to introduce: 

  • The Energy Permitting Certainty Act, which would require the Department of Interior (DOI) to process applications for permits to drill under a valid existing lease, regardless of any unrelated civil action.
  • The Promoting Energy Independence and Transparency Act, which would establish a 30-day deadline for required reviews to be completed on any pending permits and require DOI to report to Congress the status of parcels for lease, pending permits on said leases and reasons they have not been approved.

“America's energy production process is among the cleanest, safest, and most efficient in the world,” Webster further remarked. “Yet, instead of unleashing domestic oil production President Biden is begging the likes of Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for energy resources. These bills force the Administration to take action and cease blocking U.S. energy production.”