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Webster on Pelosi & Schumer’s Failed Budgeting

Washington, DC – Florida Congressman Daniel Webster, R-Clermont, today released the following statement regarding the Democrats’ “spend and borrow” bill passed in the House today. This bill combines $100s of billions of dollars in spending while “pressing pause” on the Nation’s Debt limit.

“Continuing Resolutions are not the result of responsible governing and effectively give bureaucrats a blank check. Once again, Congress has failed to pass a budget on time, but even more egregiously this legislation enables dangerous spending with no fiscal restraint or reforms by suspending the Debt Limit. I opposed this when Republicans were in the majority and I oppose it today.

“I promised my constituents that I would work to shut off the spigot of spending that has led to more than $27 trillion national debt, and I will continue working towards the full enactment of spending reductions. 

“Furthermore, Speaker Pelosi is being completely disingenuous with the debt ceiling. Democrats essentially took hardworking taxpayers’ credit cards, continue to run up a massive bill by charging things they can’t afford and now are blaming Republicans who won’t help them foot the bill for these costs. Democrats who wanted this spending, and are pushing to spend more, are responsible for voting to pay for it, especially since they refuse any meaningful cuts or reforms.

“Every year, I deliver a personal check to the Bureau of Fiscal Service at the Treasury Department to roll back my salary to the 2008 amount. Although it is a small step given the trillions of dollars the federal government spends, it is a step in the right direction. If all federal government spending was rolled back to the 2008 amounts, we would no longer have a budget deficit and could begin to pay down our debts.”