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Webster Nears $3 Million Returned to Taxpayers

Clermont, FL – A strong advocate for cutting wasteful government spending, Representative Daniel Webster (FL-11) has once again returned significant savings from his office budget. For the seventh year in a row, Rep. Webster has saved taxpayer dollars allotted to run his Congressional office, bringing the cumulative total saved to $2,901,320.58.

Following the presentation of an oversized check today, Webster issued the following statement: 

Washington operates on the principle that if money is appropriated, it should be spent. During my service in Congress, I have exposed this flawed principle. Over the past seven years, I have returned more than 30% of the money appropriated to run my office.

“If every area of the federal government began intentionally cutting waste, we could get a lot closer to balancing our budget and trimming the massive burden of debt that will be inherited by our children and grandchildren.”

Congressman Webster has been committed to evaluating his purchases, discovering areas of waste, and carefully handling the funds that he has been allotted. Leading by example again, Rep. Webster returned more than $400,000 of the taxpayer’s money appropriated to his office.

Additionally, Rep. Webster delivered a personal check to the Bureau of Fiscal Service at the Department of Treasury to rollback his salary to the 2008 amount.