Citrus County Sheriff's office is urging caution if you must be out on the roads today. Those that were in mandatory evacuation areas still face a threat of storm surge today.

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The Sheriff’s Office is urging everyone to stay off the roads. They announced:

“As of this time, with all debris, down trees and powerlines throughout the county, we urge you to stay where you are at and off the roads. Once we get the county cleaned up enough that it is safe, we will inform everyone via our social media outlets.”


The city of Inverness is also urging everyone to stay off the roads:

“Good Morning... We dodged a bullet, but not out of the woods just yet. A rerun to normalcy will take time. Some Points for today and the rest of the week: Today may have gusty winds till about 2pm. We want workers safe and will perform area assessments commencing this afternoon. The priorities are to restore power to downtown, provide power to water and wastewater systems and keep hospital in service. Residential locations are important, and will get attention shortly. (I am w/o power too.) Many roads in City are closed or hampered from fallen trees and tree limbs, and electric lines being down. We need you to stay home and only venture out in an emergency or absolute necessity. Please don't sight-see. Doing it slows worker progress and we can't move fast enough as it is we ask all to strictly conserve City water and only use the water/sewer systems when needed. The more water you use and let go down the drain (includes flushing) the more stress is placed on the system. City Sanitation program will resume once roads are passable and landfills open. Further info will be posted here and on the City Website. or Let's work to restore normalcy together. Finally, no question is bad Ask, and we will do our best to answer.’ We are here to help.”

Constituents can contact:

The City of Inverness: 352-726-2611

Citrus County Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Information Lines: 352-249-2775

Citrus County Schools: 352-726-1931

Citrus County Mainline: 352-527-5200